Post-Wedding Reflection

Getting married is awesome. 

After 7 years of dating, 2 years of engagement, and a year of planning, we tied the knot almost 2 months ago!

Our wedding was full of so much joy, laughter, and love, and it really felt like a true representation of who we are as individuals and as a couple. All the music and the readings were so personal and meaningful to us, and it was so special to have had all members of our immediate families involved in some way. Our string quartet was awesome, accommodating our somewhat eclectic tastes (ahem, Jurassic Park and the Hobbit theme songs anyone?). I am so glad we decided to write our own vows, they weren’t easy to write but it was definitely worth the effort! The reception was a blast –  full of dancing, laughter, and very touching speeches. The day passed by incredibly quickly, but we’ll remember it forever.

It’s hard to describe, but it just felt RIGHT. And yet, while it felt like the most natural thing for us to be doing, it also felt like the start of something new and exciting. It was a beautifully overwhelming experiencing to feel so much love and support from everyone… And really, that’s why we have weddings isn’t it? To make our promises and commitments to each other in front of all the people who mean the world to us.


Ringing in my ears

Day 6: Being at home can be pretty entertaining

Well, big news! Yesterday, my buddy Pete and I watched Lord of the Rings the extended edition. All 3 movies. In one day. I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of world record. True, Pete did sleep through most of the 2nd movie, and I was on my laptop doing other stuff blablabla, but we made it!

In other news, it turns out there are some people (cough*CHRIS*cough) who are dependent on this blog for entertainment. I’m not sure if I can handle the pressure. I promise to do my best…

One of the perks of spending lots of time at home is that I have been able to observe my birds very closely. For those who have not met my feathery-friends, I have 2 budgies: a female named Susie, and a male named Kiwi. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about Susie other than she’s kinda dull and a messy eater. But Kiwi….oh man, he’s a piece of work…

Things I have learned/observed/confirmed about Kiwi:

– He talks to himself. A lot. Sometimes Susie answers him, but mostly he just chats away on his own
– He likes to sit on my head
– He likes the sound of running water
– He is scared of the dark (does NOT like being covered at night)
– He is obsessed with ringing the bell in his cage

Of all those things, it’s the constant bell ringing that really stands out. I think I’ve developed some sort of PTSD… I swear  I hear the bell ringing even when he’s nowhere near it. I may have to take it out of his cage before I lose my mind entirely. Although, it would make me sad to take it away from him since he clearly loves it so much. Oh well, we”ll see! At least I can’t complain that the place is too quiet…

Anyways, gotta jet! Extreme Couponing is on.

Tea in my veins

Day 4: It’s sunny out and my birds are singing, feels like spring!

I’m ready for the week! Armed with my David’s Tea infuser tea mug and copious amounts of loose tea leaves. Today I had NO coffee {gasp}, but then again it’s only noon.  I’ve decided to try and use up some of the loose tea I  bought from David’s Tea when I got suckered into trying their ‘tea of the day’ a few months ago.

Here are my thoughts:

“jumpy monkey”  has coffee beans and white chocolate. It’s supposed to be some sort of coffee substitute. I consider this one a FAIL since I am currently not jumping around my condo nor have I turned into a monkey.

“glitter & gold” has orange peel, cloves, vanilla, and gold sugar balls. I liked this tea, but I’m going to consider this one a PASS because it did have a bit of a funky after-taste.

“read my lips” has peppermint, dark chocolate, and red lip sprinkles. So far this tea is my favorite! It tastes like a really yummy dessert. And anything that tastes like cake is a WIN!

I’m aware I will need to consume some actual food and not just tea at some point today, I’m considering fashioning some sort of homemade IV so I don’t need to move off this couch. Although, that would mean needing to also use a catheter. Yikes! Scratch that. I’ve decided moving around isn’t so bad after all…

In all seriousness, this week stands to be (no pun intended) a painful one: Physio every day as of tomorrow! I’ve been diligently doing my leg exercises so I’m hopeful the sessions will gradually (or quickly) become less painful. The positive side is that physio guarantees I get out of the house at least once a day, so this should prevent cabin fever…which is a good thing…cuz we’ve all seen that movie.

Water’s done boiling,

Out of my mind. Back in 2 weeks.

Question: What might prompt an ordinary person to start a blog?
Answer: Major life event, sudden realization, personal revelation, an aha! moment

All very profound isn’t it?

Well, the {not} earth-shattering and {un} glamorous reason for this particular blog is a knee injury I got from falling at work that requires me to sit (yes, as in on my butt) quietly at home for 2 weeks. In order to delay (or at least publicize) my inevitable madness and cognitive decline, I have decided to share my random blathering.

So, welcome. Enjoy. Stay a while. Join me on this adventure of limited mobility! I’m not going anywhere…