Our DIY Wedding!

 Wedding planning is fun. I mean honestly, when else are you not just allowed, but encouraged to spend countless hours obsessing over different colour schemes, crafts, flowers, designs, and other awesome-ness !?! From the very beginning we knew we wanted a DIY and Eco-conscious wedding… as much as possible that is. This turned out to be somewhat of a challenge, and we weren’t able to do everything we wanted to do…but we finally settled on a few specific things to personalize our wedding:

1. Stationary: Invites!
Thankfully, Montreal recently welcomed Michaels to our lovely city. I bought some awesome stationary there, designed the invite on Word with help from my sister, then printed it off at home! We opted NOT to do mail-in RSVPs, instead our friend Eric made us our very own website where, amongst other things, people could RSVP. So, we took the small-sized stationary that was intended for RSVP cards, and designed a second invitation, therefore saving paper! Woohoo! All the stationary that was left over was used for wedding signs at the reception.

Verdict: Totally worth it. We saved muchos money by printing our own invites (especially by using both sizes of paper)

2. Decorations: Flower balls!
I came across a fabulous link on Pinterest for some various DIY Pomanders. With help from my mom and bridesmaid Sarah, I made 4 flower fabric, 2 felt, 1 tissue-paper, and 2 tulle balls. The most time-consuming ones to make were the fabric ones, but they were also (in my opinion) the prettiest. The individual fabric roses took a lot of time to make, but it helped to use the glue-gun to hold it together as I folded the fabric. Unfortunately, the tissue-paper and felt balls were quite fragile, but the others held up quite well. I still haven’t decided where to put the fabric balls but I do plan on hanging them somewhere! Here’s the original link if you’re interested: http://southernbellesoulmountainbrideheart.blogspot.ca/2012/04/pink-and-grey-shabby-chic-mobile-diy.html

302_          IMG_1685
Verdict: Although they looked really pretty, and I am happy I made them, it was very time-consuming and not exactly cheap. The styrofoam balls were kinda expensive, and I didn’t have scraps of fabric laying around so I had to buy some at FabricVille. Would not recommend this craft for anyone in a hurry…

3. Centrepieces: Jars and Wine Bottles!
Inspired by my love of everything chalkboard, I used wine bottles to indicate our table names. I used chalkboard paint from Michaels (yay Montreal finally has this awesome store!) – the bottles were pretty challenging to paint, it took several coats since the surface was so slippery. Once painted, I experimented with actual chalk, but finally settled on chalkboard markers from Omer DeSerres. Warning: those markers are pretty permanent! Although you can wipe off the writing with a damp cloth it still leaves trace. For a final touch, my friend Gen suggested using some of our leftover stationary to make cute matching tags for the bottles.

Also in the spirit of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” (oh boy did I really just write that?), I asked my family, friends and coworkers to give me their jars. I received everything from small jam jars to large peanut containers (thank you, Melissa, for revealing your peanut-addiction to the world). I finally settled on an assortment of 2 different sizes, tied twine around the tops, decorated the plain ones with tea-stained music sheet heart cutouts, and voila! These jars were used for our floral arrangements alongside the wine bottles. I’m really happy with the way the table arrangements looked, they were pretty, light and small enough not to overwhelm the tables.

482_              478_
Verdict: Totally worth it! It’s really easy to collect jars, especially if you’re not too picky about everything matching. We also saved some money on the cost of floral arrangements since we provided our florist with the containers. This was a really cheap & easy way to personalize.

4. Wedding signs: More chalkboards!
So, turned out my sister had some random large pieces of wood (including a cupboard door) laying around, and I had an old whiteboard in my storage room. We used the leftover chalkboard paint and some self-adhesive chalkboard sheets to turn those into awesome chalkboard wedding signs! It was pretty stressful having to write the signs ourselves, but they turned out nicely! We had a sign with the names of the wedding party/family, another sign with the schedule of the day (in Hockey Night in Canada style!), and the menu. We also made another sign for the seating chart, this one using a simple cork board and then more leftover stationary.

299_ 294_ 304_
Verdict: A fun project! I love how the seating arrangement helped incorporate the blue & birds theme, and the chalkboard signs were fun to make. Obviously, was definitely more worthwhile since we had the pieces of wood sitting around.

There are so many great ideas out there for weddings, it’s just a matter of deciding which ones are right for yours. True, at times it became stressful completing all the projects, but mostly (and most importantly) it was fun to do! I certainly do not regret doing these crafts, it was great feeling to have a more personal involvement in our wedding. I  definitely recommend wedding crafts for all!

Credit: All wedding photography by Blueberry Studio, 2013


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