Operation Book Club

book club

Oh yes, the good ‘ol sleepless night, reading into the wee hours of the morning, procrastinating all other tasks to finish “just one more chapter”… Welcome to the world of a book addict. As long as I can remember, I have loved reading… I can clearly remember my mother catching me reading with a flashlight underneath my bed covers as a young child. I don’t really have a preferred genre, reading everything from non-fiction to fantasy. Sadly, when in university, I stopped reading for my own personal pleasure. There was simply no time to read anything for fun on top of all the mandatory stuff. I’m sure this is a scenario many people can identify with… But over the last year (and much to the chagrin of my husband), I have unearthed my reading-powers and am now devouring books at a kinda-freaky rate.

Thankfully, I was recently at a party where I realized that one of my friends, Vanessa, is equality afflicted by the same disease (however she probably has it worse considering her university major was english lit). Somewhere during our discussion of our mutual appreciation for certain books, it was revealed that we both had a secret desire to belong to a book club. Yet, we had never heard of one in any of our social circles… Hmm. That same night, we decided to start our very own.

And so this brings me to Operation Book Club. Our ambitious project has taken flight! We were able to recruit 2 other gals to join in, and had our very first meeting (complete with popcorn and wine, of course). We have decided to call our book club “Wine not read” (thank you Vanessa for the pun) and have picked our first book: Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco Stork. The goal? To share some of our favourite reads, eat & drink together, discuss our thoughts and musings, and hopefully discover some new awesome books.  Also, my plan is to post our group review of each book we read on my blog page Babbling Books to share our discoveries with others!

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