Post-Wedding Reflection

Getting married is awesome. 

After 7 years of dating, 2 years of engagement, and a year of planning, we tied the knot almost 2 months ago!

Our wedding was full of so much joy, laughter, and love, and it really felt like a true representation of who we are as individuals and as a couple. All the music and the readings were so personal and meaningful to us, and it was so special to have had all members of our immediate families involved in some way. Our string quartet was awesome, accommodating our somewhat eclectic tastes (ahem, Jurassic Park and the Hobbit theme songs anyone?). I am so glad we decided to write our own vows, they weren’t easy to write but it was definitely worth the effort! The reception was a blast –  full of dancing, laughter, and very touching speeches. The day passed by incredibly quickly, but we’ll remember it forever.

It’s hard to describe, but it just felt RIGHT. And yet, while it felt like the most natural thing for us to be doing, it also felt like the start of something new and exciting. It was a beautifully overwhelming experiencing to feel so much love and support from everyone… And really, that’s why we have weddings isn’t it? To make our promises and commitments to each other in front of all the people who mean the world to us.


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