Ringing in my ears

Day 6: Being at home can be pretty entertaining

Well, big news! Yesterday, my buddy Pete and I watched Lord of the Rings the extended edition. All 3 movies. In one day. I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of world record. True, Pete did sleep through most of the 2nd movie, and I was on my laptop doing other stuff blablabla, but we made it!

In other news, it turns out there are some people (cough*CHRIS*cough) who are dependent on this blog for entertainment. I’m not sure if I can handle the pressure. I promise to do my best…

One of the perks of spending lots of time at home is that I have been able to observe my birds very closely. For those who have not met my feathery-friends, I have 2 budgies: a female named Susie, and a male named Kiwi. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about Susie other than she’s kinda dull and a messy eater. But Kiwi….oh man, he’s a piece of work…

Things I have learned/observed/confirmed about Kiwi:

– He talks to himself. A lot. Sometimes Susie answers him, but mostly he just chats away on his own
– He likes to sit on my head
– He likes the sound of running water
– He is scared of the dark (does NOT like being covered at night)
– He is obsessed with ringing the bell in his cage

Of all those things, it’s the constant bell ringing that really stands out. I think I’ve developed some sort of PTSD… I swear  I hear the bell ringing even when he’s nowhere near it. I may have to take it out of his cage before I lose my mind entirely. Although, it would make me sad to take it away from him since he clearly loves it so much. Oh well, we”ll see! At least I can’t complain that the place is too quiet…

Anyways, gotta jet! Extreme Couponing is on.


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